The UK is not the land of eternal summer and year-round warm weather. It is, however, a great place for socialising and enjoying frequent get-togethers for big and small occasions, all throughout the year. Would it not be nice to be able to use your outdoor seating areas all year round? Or to enjoy long evenings sat outside at pubs or restaurants? Your patio use does not have to be limited to summer months, the area can be used for hosting get-togethers during the colder months as well, you just need to add a little heat. The solution? BeHa’s patio heaters.

Words and ideas of the Nordic lifestyle have received a fair share of attention over the last few years. If you have heard of the concept of “hygge”, you will know that Scandis highly prioritise being cosy and comfortable. Of course, to incorporate this into our daily lives, we have found the necessary gadgets for achieving the comfort we so desire.

Another term widely used, specifically in Norway, is “utepils”. It literally translates to “outdoor beer”, and is an expression for it being warm enough to drink a beer outside. The first outdoor beer of the year is considered a special moment, as sitting outside is finally an option again. You can, of course, shorten the wait for this, and make the outdoor seating become inviting sooner.

If you do not want to wait for the temperature to rise to make use of your garden furniture, or would like to stay outside after the sun has gone down, patio heaters are just what you need. They will give you a head start to enjoying food and beverages outside in the spring, and can extend your summer by allowing you to still sit outside when it gets chilly in the autumn and winter months. In other words, investing in patio heaters means buying yourself more time outdoors.

Patio heaters will open the doors to spending more time outside, which makes it easier to take advantage of all of your space. The heaters allow for enjoying longer nights outdoors, when the temperature otherwise would not have permitted it. Now, when hosting evening get-togethers, the festivities can be enjoyed on your patio or in your garden. Or, if your guest list exceeds the number of people your house can comfortably fit, extending the party to the garden allows more guests to attend. Patio heaters can be a real game-changer.

BeHa’s patio heaters use near-wave radiant heat. This means that the infrared waves do not waste heat or energy heating up the air around you, they only heat you. The heat reaches you regardless of any wind, which is one of the perks of choosing an infrared heater. And if the thought of infrared radiation scares you, you have nothing to worry about. It is just heat, nothing else.

If you are concerned that you do not have the skills, knowledge or time to set up patio heaters for your outdoor areas, no need to panic. Installing patio heaters does not have to be a big job. BeHa’s patio heaters come in two models, one for wall mounting and one for ceiling mounting. For ceiling mounting you will need a hook that meets requirements for the heater, then simply hang it from its chain. For wall mounting, the bracket for the heater is fastened with four screws. Neither of these are large operations, and definitely something most people can do without needing a whole lot of tools and equipment.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your social life a boost by warming up your outdoor areas this autumn!

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