• 1,8 m black cable with earthed plug
  • Infrared near wave radiation
  • Stainless steel, chain and hook for ceilings
  • Switch with 3 settings and cord
  • Requires 10A fuse
  • IP 24

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as sitting out on your patio on a sunny day, but sadly, our inclement UK weather often means that it can still get chilly even when the skies are clear. Patio heaters are just the ticket for anyone looking to enjoy their outdoor spaces through a greater portion of the year and can make your garden seating areas much more welcoming. BEHA Patio Heaters need no extra connection or mounting – you only need a free power outlet.

The Patio Heaters are also affordable in use.

Infrared Patio heaters are classified in; near, medium and far wavelength. Our heaters use near radiant heat to combat the cold and aren’t affected by the breeze – all of the heat goes straight from the heater, direct to you. So no heat is wasted by heating the surroundings instead of you. The terrace heater has a pull switch that can be used to elect power, or turn on/off.


RRP: £199

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