How to optimise your heating?

People will always have individual preferences when it comes to the perfect room temperature, but most of us feels best at around 19-20 degrees. No matter what your “perfect temperature” might be the most important is to know how you can keep the temperature as steady as possible.

The really important thermostat

The thermostat is important to keep a steady temperature. Beha SmartHeaters are equipped with an advanced electronic thermostat with proportional regulation. The thermostat is super accurate and regulates the time the heating elements cut in and out. This provides a steady temperature, so much as as at 21°C the discrepancy is as low as +/- 0,2 degrees.

Where is the best positioning a room?

To achieve a comfortable internal temperature you will have to bridge the heat escape your house has. Even if modern windows are well sealed they won’t insulate as well as a wall.  The air just inside of the windows will drop in heat, travel downwards, and leave a cold draft at leg height. This draft can be eliminated by adding a heater under each window that circulates the cold air through the heater and converted to warm air. The heater should preferably be as wide as the window. This provides the best internal climate and you would optimise the heat spread to provide a comfortable heating solution. 

How many heaters do I need?

In a normal house with good insulation a ball park figure is ca. 100 Watt per square meter. This would mean that if you have a room of 10 square meter, you would need a heater of ca. 1.000 Watt. If you house is older and not so well insulated you should increase the power a bit. In bathrooms you should count ca. 130 Watt per square meter. These heaters should also be placed under a window and preferable as wide as the window. 

What should I think heating a bathroom?

Installation of heaters in bathrooms are slightly different than in a normal room. The regulations of what heater to use in a bathroom depends on where in the bathroom it will be placed.  A bathroom is divided into zones of IP, or Ingress Protection, which increases the closer the item is placed to running water or shower. 

Bathroom / wet room zones

Heaters for bathrooms or wet rooms shall have the following degree of enclosure in relation to the areas in which they are installed:

Zone A: 240 cm outside zone B horizontally. 225 cm height. Minimum IP X0

Zone B: 60 cm outside zone  C/D horizontally. 225 cm height. Minimum IP X4

Zone C: 

Zone D:

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