It takes time to develop the world's best heaters. Actually around 100 years!

Since 1917 BEHA has been the leading supplier of electrical goods and heaters to Norwegian homes and businesses. Concentrating on quality and new technology has always been BEHA’s philosophy since the start. More than 100 years of research, development and experience lays the foundation of todays products.

Started already in 1917

BEHAs story started in a small town in Norway called Porsgrunn in 1917. The founder was a young engineer from Kongsberg, his name was Carl Eugene Berg-Hanssen.

In the beginning the name of the factory was Berg Hanssen Elektriske Fabrikker (Electrical Factory). In 1923 the name was changed to BEHA by taking the first letters from Berg-Hanssen. The factories where outgrown several times to become today’s 12 000 square meter modern manufacturing plant where also the business development, marketing and headquarters are.  

More than 10 million products sold
Since the first heater was sold in 1917, more than 10 million BEHA-products have found their way to quality aware customers in Norway and all over the world. There are very few Norwegian companies that have kept up such a quality production over that many years. 

Super modern heater in the 1920's
One of the first heaters