Having your home at the right temperature at the right time can often be a struggle, especially for families where people come and go at different times. Smart technology that allows you to control your heating can make this a lot easier. This is a day in the life of a family with BeHa smart heaters.

When Jane wakes up at 7AM, her house is already warm. The programme she has set up for her heaters makes sure she never has to wake up to a cold house. She works from home, running her design business from her garden studio. Today she expects to be ready for work at 8AM, as her husband is in charge of today’s school run. To warm up the space so it is ready in time for her to start working, she switches on the heater in her garden studio. She is able to do so from her bed, thanks to the BeHa SmartHeater app.

Getting out of bed has never been easier, as the room is at a comfortable temperature. Leaving the warm covers is not as difficult when the room is already nice and toasty. Jane used to be one of the people taking ages getting up in the morning – now that she wakes up to a warm room it takes her no time at all. Walking downstairs into an already heated kitchen, breakfast with the kids goes smoothly. Before, it had been a daily battle getting them out of their pyjamas. Now, they are already dressed and ready, without any complaining that they are cold.

Entering the garden studio with her morning coffee, the space is at a comfortable temperature, perfect for cracking on with her design work. Jane relies on a pleasant work environment for her creativity to flourish, so coming into an already warm office means that she can get started right away. As the rest of the family has gone to school and work for the day, the heaters in the house now go down to maintaining 15 degrees, to save energy whilst the house is empty. They will turn the heat back up for Jane to go in and have lunch in a few hours, then adjust back down again, until it is time to go inside and get started on dinner. All of this, of course, at no effort from Jane, as the heaters are automated and follow the programme she has set up.

The evening moves along as usual, with the rooms that are in use being pleasantly warmed up. Their house is quite big, and before the smart heaters were installed, running around switching on and turning off heaters to adjust the temperature felt like a never-ending chore. As most weekdays look the same in this home, the heaters can be left to follow the programmes, with minimal efforts from the family.

At night, Jane and her husband go to bed at their normal time at 10PM, knowing they will not have to touch their heating, as it will automatically adjust down to their chosen night time temperature of 18. Jane falls asleep happy, comfortably aware that tomorrow, she will wake up to a warm, cosy room. Their BeHa smart heaters have definitely improved their lives.

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