Smart heaters are still quite new, so we are aware that there might be a few people in need of reassurance before making the decision to buy them. Let’s clear up a few misconceptions about using smart heaters in your home. 

Smart heating is too expensive

Installing smart heaters is a one-time cost. From there, they will most likely save you money as opposed to using manually operated heaters, gas heating or radiators. BeHa’s smart heaters are energy-efficient and come with a five-year warranty, and are expected to last at least double that time. This means the cost per use goes down and the heaters are a good value investment. 

Operating smart heaters is too complicated for me

Anyone who can use a smartphone or tablet, and is able to open and use an app, can operate BeHa’s smart heaters. The BeHa SmartHeater app is easy to navigate, taking you through a step-by-step setup for your heater. Once setup is done, your heating stick to your programmes, requiring no further effort from you.

Installing them will be difficult

This is not a large operation, no engineer or electrician is needed. BeHa’s smart heaters simply need to be mounted on the wall, using only four screws. All you need is a drill, knowledge on how to use one and some free wall space. The installation does not take long and can be done by just about anyone. 

Smart heaters are unreliable

Once you have set up programmes for your smart heaters, they will stick to them continuously. BeHa’s smart heaters are equipped with internal memory, meaning the programmes are saved in the heater itself, not in the router. This means that if there is a power cut, the data will not be lost, and the heater will return to your programme when the power is back. 

I do not have room for a smart heating system

Do not worry about limited space. These heaters can all be wall-mounted, and do not require any of your precious floor space. This means that as long as you have a section of your wall free, you will be able to enjoy the perks of BeHa’s smart heaters in your home. 

I have to leave the smart heaters behind when I move

You do not have to wait until you are in your forever-home to invest in smart heating. As the BeHa smart heaters are mounted on the wall using only four screws, removing them is easy.

I cannot use a smart system because my schedule is different every day

If your schedule is too irregular or unpredictable to set up a weekly programme the heaters can stick to, you can use your phone as a long-distance remote and turn them on when you are on your way home, instead of having them come on at a set time every day.

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