We all know the struggle: Coming in from the rain with wet shoes, with nowhere to put them, wondering whether they will be dry for the morning or not. It is not a nice feeling.

Life is too short to wear wet shoes. The solution to the problem is comfortable, and neither expensive nor requiring a lot of space. BeHa has two different models of drying heaters for shoes, SKO300T and TSH80, both for mounting onto the wall. They can be installed in any room in the house, even in the garage.

The SKO300T is a small heater with hoses for sticking into your shoes, which will then blow hot air into them and dry them. It has two pairs of hoses, meaning it can dry two pairs of shoes at a time. The hoses can be hung up when not in use. It is equipped with a 180-minute timer and thermal protection against overheating.

The TSH80 model is a drying rack. It can be used not only for wet footwear, but also clothes and towels. It can be clipped up when not in use to save space. With an IP rating of 24, it is approved for using in wet rooms.

Putting on heated boots straight from the shoe dryer is the best start to your day. Treat your feet to the fabulous feeling of warmth and comfort. No more putting on cold, soggy shoes. You deserve better than that.

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