There is an increasing interest for smart functions in homes, and one of the most popular sections is smart heating. This feature can enhance your home living experience and make your day-to-day life a few notches more convenient. Here are five reasons why smart heaters are a good investment for your home. 

Comfortable Living

You can pick the exact temperatures you want for each day and week, even for specific times of the day. Choose your desired temperature for each room, to achieve the perfect indoor climate for your home. You can also set programs depending on weather, for the different seasons, or periods where you need more or less heating than normal. Smart heating also simplifies adjusting your heating at any time. If you’re sitting down comfortably and feel like changing the temperature, you can easily do so from your phone. You know the comfort of not having to get up to change channels on the TV? This is the same thing. Your phone becomes your remote control.

Efficient Heating

Optimise your home heating and only heat what needs to be heated. No need to leave the heater on to avoid coming home or waking up to a freezing house. Just set a daily program that suits your schedule. You can have a comfortable temperature when you’re at home and during the hours you’re awake, then to save energy you can lower it during the night or when you’re at work. Good for your wallet, and for the environment. It’s great.

Home Automation

You don’t have to constantly be switching on and adjusting your heaters or your thermostat, or even thinking about what temperature you want. Now, this is all automatic. Set up programs and let the heating process run itself. The heaters will keep operating and stick to the programs you’ve set, allowing you to take your mind off always adjusting the heating when you come home, go to work etc. It’s also a cool party trick or when you feel like impressing your guests – having an automated function in your home and controlling a set of appliances from your phone will definitely make you look like you have it together.

Adjust On The Go

Choosing smart heaters that can be controlled via app gives you the freedom to turn on, switch off or adjust your heating from anywhere. You can turn up your heating from work, from the train, from the store… as long as your phone is connected to the internet, you can do it from anywhere, really. Are you going to be home a little earlier or later than usual? Do you always come home at different times, and you don’t want to waste gas or electricity by having the heating on at the wrong time? We have the solution: app-controlled smart heaters! Another way in which the app comes in handy: if you are manually operating your heaters, but forget to switch them off before leaving the house, you can do so with your phone! No more obsessive thoughts wondering whether you turned off the heaters or not, you can just check your app. 

Easy Too Use and No Installation Cost

BeSmart heaters can be installed anywhere, given that you have a little free wall or floor space for setting them up. You also don’t have to be a master of technology to operate a smart heating system. All you need to know is how to use a smartphone or a tablet. Most apps are simple and quick to navigate, making smart heating available to people with all levels of technical skills. Switching to smart panel heaters comes at practically no installation cost, as they only need to be screwed onto the wall or be placed on floor brackets. 

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