Are you planning to smarten up the heating in your home, but find it hard to decide which brand to go for? Luckily for you, BeHa smart heaters are now sold in the UK, and they are exactly what you need. These heaters are of top quality and electrical safety, and can significantly raise your comfort levels. Here are five reasons why they are a great choice for your home.

Good for Your Health

BeHa smart heaters don’t burn dust. The internal element prevents the heaters from reaching heat over 80 degrees for steel fronts and 60 degrees for glass fronts. This is a huge help to keep a clean indoor environment and good air quality—which is great for people with allergies or asthma. BeHa is one of the top producers of heaters with satisfying energy usage, indoor air quality and electrical safety.

Electrical Safety

Purchasing electrical products of higher quality means fewer risks to worry about. These heaters are fireproof, double insulated and long lasting. They are also childproof, qualifying for an IP20 rating. This means they are safe to touch, which is a good peace of mind for people with children or pets. The steel front heaters have rating IP24, meaning they are protected against water splashes, making them safe for bathrooms and other wetrooms.

Quality Technology

The electric power to the panel heater goes through a TRIAC (three terminal semiconductor device). Compared with using a standard relay switch, the TRIAC reduces the risk of operational faults and have a near eternal lifespan. Triac switches are also the safer option for fire prevention. When it comes to fire safety, BeHa is among the top brands on the market. All heaters are approved by either Nemko or Semko, ensuring the quality of the electrical safety.

Flexible Heating Made Easy

The rooms in your home can be set to different temperatures for specific times of the day and days of the week. Your properties and rooms can have separate programs that are totally different from each other. You can fully tailor the program for each heater to match the exact heating profile you want. When adjusting the heating, you can easily see what the heater has been set to, as the number will project onto the floor for ten seconds.

They are encrypted.

BeHa’s smart heaters have an encrypted Wi-Fi system to protect you and your broadband from hackers. It has the most advanced form of technology and protection available within Wi-Fi encryption, to protect your router from anyone entering your system. This is a great peace of mind in the world of tech and smart heating.

BeHa has produced heaters for over 100 years, ensuring that you are purchasing a quality product that lasts. Browse products.